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International Martial Arts and Combat Sports Scientific Society


IMACSSS Newsletter, Winter 2018/2019
Dear Colleagues,

We are after the 7th IMACSSS Conference Rzeszów 2018. Thank you for your active participation, and even more for the work of the reviewers, the people conducting conference proceedings and the members of the Organizing Committee. Thank you also for the trust shown to me during the elections of the authorities for the next term. Our new Board will try well to complete the mission entrusted to us.

We have established two consecutive conferences - in Viseu '2019 and in Putrajaya' 2020. People who for various reasons could not appear in Rzeszów already declare their willingness to participate in Viseu. Regarding subsequent conferences, the Management Board asks to send us written proposals for their organisation, specifying as many terms of participation as possible (time, place, supporting institutions, costs, framework program).

At the beginning of January 2019 should appear on page ( vol. 19, issue no. 1 "Ido Movement for Culture. Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology "as well as (in small quantities) paper volume 18. We are already preparing a special issue no. 1s with full texts from the Congress in Rzeszów. In addition (maybe in December) my new book on the General Theory of Fighting Arts will be published - in Polish and in English.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019

On behalf of the Board,
Prof. Wojciech J. Cynarski, PhD

Sponsors of 4th World Scientific Congress of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 7th International Conference of IMACSSS (with IMACSSS General Assembly) University of Rzeszów, Rzeszów (Poland), October 17-19, 2018: 



3nd Announcement - pdf file:


NEWSLETTER of IMACSSS / October 2017 

Dear Members of our Society,
As a result of the most successful conference in Osaka (Japan), and the meeting of the Board of IMACSSS held there, we would like to inform all members about our current activities and the nearest plans. 1. As part of the cooperation of IMACSSS and EASS (European Association for Sociology of Sport) during the EASS conference in Bordeaux (France), May 23-26, 2018, the IMACSSS Special Session will be held. EASS has already sent out its newsletter with this information.
2. Between October 17-19, 2018, the 7th International IMACSSS Conference will take place in Rzeszow (Poland). A second announcement of this conference will be sent out shortly.
3. 8th International IMACSSS Conference – in 2019 – will be organised very likely in Viseu (Portugal).
4. Board of IMACSSS is waiting for proposals to organise our next conferences.
Best regards,
Prof. Dr Wojciech J. Cynarski,
President of IMACSSS
Rzeszów (Poland), October 15, 2017

Newsletter for IMACSSS members, Winter 2016/2017 

Ladies and Gentelmen, Dear Members and Colleagues,
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017!
I want to pass three good news:
1) Our quarterly "Ido Movement for Culture. Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology" is now indexed in Emerging Sources Citations Index (Thomson Reuters' Web of Science) [].
2) As we approach the 10th anniversary of our activity, we already prepared a draft design of the Medal of Honour and Merit, which will be awarded to the most deserving among us.
3) In the next year, we meet at the session of IMACSSS during EASS conference in Prague, and also at the major event in Osaka, at the Sixth International Conference of IMACSSS combined with 50 years anniversary of Japanese Academy of Budo.
Prof. Dr Wojciech J. Cynarski President of IMACSSS

Newsletter for IMACSSS members, Autumn 2016

Dear Sir / Madam

It’s the time right after the World Congress in Rio Maior and the IMACSSS Board meeting which took place there on 7 of October 2016. My intention now is to provide you with the most important information.

First of all, I would like to express the opinion of the Congress participants who think this event was well-organized and I wish to thank the team headed by Prof. Antonio Vences de Brito for an excellent job. The team, together with Prof. Abel Figueiredo, and Prof. Carlos Gutierrez-Garcia, prepared the Abstracts in “RAMA” and the Young Researcher Awards.

Let’s move to other matters.

1. The next 6th International IMACSSS Conference will be held in Osaka/Japan (Kansai University, 6-8 IX 2017; ). If you wish to register, please go to the Japanese Academy of Budo website [].

2. Moreover, the EASS Conference in Prague/Czech Rep. (14-17 VI 2017) will be devoted to values in sport, but there will also be a separate MA&CS section under the patronage of IMACSSS [ ].

3. The Congress in Rzeszów/Poland and 7th International IMACSSS Conference are in the process of organizing (University of Rzeszow, 17-19 X 2018; ). This event will be combined with the XXV Anniversary of Idokan Poland Association.

4. Our Board is currently expecting formal proposals for holding the next IMACSSS conference – in 2019 and in the following years. The year 2020 will be special because as we will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Our Society Formal Registration.

5. At the moment there are two websites: IMACSSS ( and our quarterly ( The image of IMACSSS website has been improved recently following the ideas expressed during this year’s Congress. We are planning to set up IMACSSS Facebook account in December and it will edited by Dr Michal Vit.

6. The SJR (Scimago Journal Rank) of our ”Ido Movement for Culture. Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology” is increasing. Moreover, our journal is currently being evaluated by Thomson Reuters.

7. At the meeting there was a suggestion to introduce collective membership but it would require a statutory change. Everyone interested in the topic, is welcome to work out proposals to amend the statutory laws.

8. The Board voted unanimously in favour of accepting Prof. Raquel Escobar Molina from Spain to replace Prof. Fatih Hazar who ceased to work for the Board.

Yours sincerely,

Wojciech J. Cynarski


It is created a new, separate website for "Ido Movement for Culture. Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology"

"Ido Mov Culture. J Martial Arts Anthrop" is an international peer reviewed journal. It is a periodical published by the Scientific Research Committee of Idokan Poland Association (Komisja Badań Naukowych, Stowarzyszenie Idokan Polska), in coope­ration with other institutions, in Rzeszów and under the auspices of the IMACSSS and IASK.
"Ido Mov Culture. J Martial Arts Anthrop" provides free, immediate and permanent online access to the full text of all articles distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial License"NoDerivs3.0Unported" (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0).
"Ido Mov Culture. J Martial Arts Anthrop" publishes original scientific articles on various aspects of physical culture, cultural tourism and the humanities (philosophy, sociology, history, pedagogy and psychology), in particular on the martial arts. It also includes reviews, polemics and surveys of publications concerning the subject matter contained in the periodical.

General outline of the journal
- Interdisciplinary research; holistic and systematic approaches consistent with a new paradigm of science;
- Connection of physical education with philosophy, the sociology of culture, education and humanities;
- Physical practices and spirituality, traditions of the East and cultural dialogues;
- Theory of sport (combat sports), humanistic theory of martial arts and generally , the science of martial arts;
- Activities of the organization, functioning of institutions of martial arts, and profiles of outstanding individuals;
- Cultural tourism, in particular martial arts tourism.

Both the Editorial Board and the Scientific Board are international bodies. The Boards are multidis­cip­linary. All members of the aforementioned committees are held in high esteem worldwide. Some of them are employed as editors-in-chief of international journals or are members of international scientific organisations.

All these articles will appear quarterly in English in electronic form, in the open access system. All original scientific content is available free of charge for personal use without restrictions on the journal's website.


International Martial Arts and Combat Sports Scientific Society is an exceptional scientific society established in order to study and conduct research on martial arts, combat sports and related systems. It brings together practitioners, experts and academics from around the world.

3rd World Scientific Congress of Combat Sports and Martial Arts University of Rzeszow, Rzeszów (Poland), October 15-17, 2014

Congress Abstract Book - Download .pdf







Submission to Proceedings Book:

Manuscripts in English, maximum 20 pages including references, should be sent in electronic form: Word processor: Word, type: 12 Times New Roman CE, single space, standard margins (2.5 cm at top, bottom, right, and left), alphabetic references at the end of the text.

Details for publishing regulations You can find on the webpage of "Ido Movement for Culture. Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology”: 

Manuscripts should be sent directly to the Secretary General: and November 15, 2018 - deadline for full text submission


7th International IMACSSS Conference
4th World Congress of Combat Sport and Martial Arts, University of Rzeszów

Presentation ppt file:

---------------------------------------------6th International IMACSSS Conference in Osaka.
Information for the 2nd International Budo Conference  (Japanese Academy of Budo 50th Anniversary Conference) - Second Announcement  The event details for the 2nd International Budo Conference (Japanese Academy of Budo 50th Anniversary Conference) was approved at the AGM for the Japanese Academy of Budo at Kogakkan University on 7th September.

Dates: September 6th (Wed.) September 8th (Fri.), 2017

Venue: Kansai University’s Senriyama Campus (Osaka)

Deadlines and Other Info:

Application Deadline:

The registration period to present will be from April 1st - May 10th, 2017.

Abstract Deadline:

Abstracts must be registered from May 20th - June 20th, 2017.

Both registration processes must be completed online in Japan time

We have 4 presentation sessions (Social Sciences and Humanities, Natural Sciences, Budo Instruction, and International) and a Poster Session.

The presenters of the International and Poster Sessions must present in English. The presenters of all sessions must submit an abstract in English.


※ Schedule is subject to modification.

September 6th (Wed.)


BOD Meeting

Trustees Meeting


Sessions (Social Sciences and Humanities, Natural Sciences, Budo Instruction, and International)

Keynote Lecture


September 7th (Thur.)


Sessions (Social Sciences and Humanities, Natural Sciences, Budo Instruction, International, and Poster)


International Symposium:

Budo and Martial Arts: Crossover of Traditional and Popular Culture”

September 8th (Fri.)


Sessions (Social Sciences and Humanities, Natural Sciences, Budo Instruction, International, and Poster)



Budo Demonstration

Budo Specialists Group Sessions

For information on how to register, please keep an eye on the Japanese Academy of Budo’s website.

Congress News
Dear colleague,

7th IMACSSS International Conference in Rzeszów
October 17-19, 2018

Congress News
Dear colleague,
We would like to inform you about the new deadline of abstract submission for the 5º World IMACSSS Congress to be held in Rio Maior, Portugal.
Abstract submission is extended until the 29 of May 2016
Visit the “abstract submission” chapter in the congress website for further instructions before you submit your abstract.
At the congress we will have four keynote speakers and two workshops.
Keynote speakers:
Wojciech Cynarski, PhD. Rzeszów University, Poland
Presentation title: Towards a General Theory of Fighting Arts
Oscar Martínez De Quel Pérez, PhD. Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
Presentation title: Perceptual-cognitive expertise in combat sport: from scientific research to training
José Manuel Garcia Garcia, PhD. Dean and teacher in Sport Science Faculty in Toledo, Spain
Presentation title: Evaluating allostasis and allostatic load as a tool for training control
Abel A. Abreu Figueiredo, PhD. Sport Sciences and Motricity Department of the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Portugal
Presentation title: Martial Arts and Combat Sports Coaching – International Framework and Sport Sciences Challenges
Workshops theme:
“Assessment and Contributions of Grappling and Punching Forces in Combat Sports Athletes: Implications for the Development of Strength and Physical Condition”.
Luis Fernandes Monteiro, PhD.Professor on Sport Sciences in Lusofona University of Humanity’s and Technology’s, Portugal;
"The Dynamics of Breathing in Chi Kung: Is Trainability and Relation with Health and Physical Exercise"
Maria da Luz V Fernandes, BSc. Sports Sciences School of Rio Maior, Polytechnic Institute of Santarém, Portugal
Important Dates
29 of May 2016
Deadline for abstract submission

1st of June 2016
Beginning of Notification of acceptance to authors.
15th of June 2016
End of early bird registration
15th of July 2016
Deadline registration for presenting authors
Dear colleague disclose this information for your contacts and come and join us in Rio Maior.
Yours sincerely,
António Vences de Brito
Congress President
Wojciech Cynarski
IMACSSS President
João Moutão
ESDRM President

It is our pleasure to announce that in commemoration of the Japanese Academy of Budo’s 50th Anniversary, the 2nd International Budo Conference (Japanese Academy of Budo 50th Anniversary Conference) will be held from September 6 (Wed.) to September 8 (Fri.) 2017, at Kansai University’s Senriyama Campus located in Osaka, Japan.
Our first announcement of the Conference is already uploaded to the webpage of our Academy in English version.
Details of the schedule and registration procedures will be posted on this website in the near future.

Communiqué 1/2016

On 18-20 XI 2015 there was held in Brno the 4th Conference of IMACSSS together with meeting of the Board of IMACSSS. Important decisions have been decided, especially on the incoming conference in 2018, in Rzeszów.
Management expects proposals for the organization and location of the next conference.
We opened a new page of our quarterly (, a periodical that has already been submitted for evaluation at Thomson Reuters.
We are collecting any outstanding membership fees. Paypal will soon be added on
The Board wishes the members of our Society every success in the New Year of 2016! We will hopefully meet soon in Rio Maior.

Dear colleagues from Martial Arts and Combat Sports, researchers, masters and practitioners, teachers and students:
On behalf of the International Martial Arts and Combat Sports Scientific Society (IMACSSS) and the Sport Sciences School of Rio Maior – Polytechnic Institute of Santarém (ESDRM) we are pleased to invite you to join us for the 5th World Congress of the International Martial Arts and Combat Sports Scientific Society.

IMACSSS – ESDRM 6 -8 October 2016

The ESDRM will host the 2016 IMACSSS congress in collaboration with the City Hall of Rio Maior. The scientific program is built with expertise, highlighting the current aspects in the multidisciplinary fields of Martial Arts and Combat Sports. The program is emphasizing five major themes of research in Martial Arts and Combat Sports which will allow to know the current state of research in the field and an open exposition and discussion of the several works that will be presented in the congress.
In the congress will take place the 3th Edition of IMACSSS Young Researcher Award, for the best research work carried out and presented by a young researcher.

Key dates
1st of December 2015 - Opening abstract submission and registration
30th of April 2016 - Deadline for abstract submission
1st of June 2016 - Notification of acceptance to authors
15th of June 2016 - End of early registration
30th of June 2016 - Deadline registration for presenting authors

The second announcement of the 5th World Congress of Martial Arts and Combat Sports is fully available at:
or in the web page of IMACSSS:
or in the web page of ESDRM:
In the second announcement you can find detailed information’s about the city, travel, accommodation, congress fees, abstract submission, congress program and others.

We look forward to see you in Rio Maior in October of next year.
Yours sincerely,
António Vences de Brito
Congress President
Wojciech Jan Cynarski
IMACSSS President
Joăo Moutăo
ESDRM Director

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